Fees: My standard fee is £50 for a typical evening or day time talk to up to 40 people but I am flexible about community of charity groups so ask me.  

Payments: Any payments to me personally can be made through PayPal . You can use a credit or debit card and it generates all the paperwork automatically for both of us.



Maximum Distance: No more than 20 miles as the crow flies from Marple, Cheshire for evening or day time talks. But travel time might make some places further than 20 miles away possible. Again ask.

Large groups or commercial bookings: Beyond 40, a group is an audience and needs to be negotiated especially if it's for commercial purposes.  The 20 mile limit would not automatically apply in this case but any overnight stays would need to be negotiated.

Costs: If I use my car I charge 40p per mile. My public transport rate is second-class rail fare or equivalent.

Equipment and Materials

I can provide standard equipment (projector, screen and computer) but if I bring my own I will need to travel by car. 

For Creative Writing Workshops materials will be charged for if I provide them. I much prefer you provide the pencils, paper, etc. to the standard in the notes I will provide in advance of the workshop.

Contact and Bookings

Please communicate by e-mail using the form on the last page of this website.